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Guild Wars - Neues Update

14.07.2005 - 11:40
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NC Soft hat ein neues Update zum Online Rollenspiel Guild Wars bereitgestellt. Der neue Patch enthält erneut eine ganze Menge an Neuerungen und Änderungen, die unter anderem das Interface-System sowie die PvP-Belohnungen betreffen.
* Improved faction rewards in Arenas and the Tournament:

o Arena Victory: 10 in Team/Competition Arenas, 5 in Shiverpeak Arena, 2 in Ascalon Arena

o Arena Bonus for 5 Consecutive Victories: 10 in Team/Competition Arenas, 5 in Shiverpeak Arena, 2 in Ascalon Arena

o Arena Bonus for Flawless Victory: 2 in Team/Competition Arenas, 1 in Shiverpeak Arena, 0 in Ascalon Arena

o Tournament Victory: 20 in the first map, 40 in early missions, 60 in later missions, 80 in the Hall of Heroes

* Corrected faction reward for kills in low level arenas, so that it now matches what was announced in the June 29 update notes.

* Restored XP for PvP games. Players will now receive both Faction and XP for killing an opponent.

* Improved Henchmen movement AI so that they more closely follow the player and avoid getting stuck.

* Added Lina, a level 17 protection healer henchman, to all Crystal Desert outposts.

* Improved staff damage and armor on protection healer henchmen to better match their level.

* Improved minion formations and corrected a flaw that was occasionally preventing them from following or attacking.

* Added new artwork for the Warrior’s ascended Gladiator’s Armor and Ranger’s ascended Druid’s Armor.

* Fixed the following area-of-effect (AOE) spells so that they are no longer cancelled if the target dies while you are casting them: Chaos Storm, Deep Freeze, Desecrate Enchantments, Earthquake, Enfeebling Blood, Eruption, Feast of Corruption, Fireball, Ice Spikes, Maelstrom, Meteor, Meteor Storm, Panic, Phoenix, Plague Sending, Rodgort's Invocation, Rust, Searing Heat, Shadow of Fear, Soothing Images, Suffering.

* Fixed Grenth's Balance so that it does not decrease the target's health by more than it increases your health.

* Fixed wards, spirits, and wells so that players who are resurrected within the area of effect receive that spell's effect after resurrection.

* Fixed bug which prevented the final boss in the Thunderhead Keep mission from dropping loot.

* Updated boss monster spawns in Dunes of Despair, The Frost Gate, Deldrimor Bowl, and Traveler's Vale.

* Updated or repaired flaws in the following quests: "Tower of Courage," "A Gift of Griffons," "Khobay the Betrayer," and "Undead Horde."

* Updated monster locations in North Kryta Province and Fissure of Woe.

* Updated Captain Greywind NPC to level 20 for continuity.

* Added party configuration requirement so that parties containing henchmen or unascended players are now prevented from entering the Fissure of Woe and the Underworld.

Interface changes:

* Added new trader interface.

* Expanded friends list so that you can have up to 50 on your friends list and up to 10 on your ignore list.

* Expanded maximum permitted length of guild announcement to 255 characters.

* Improved vendor windows so they remember their last size and position.

* Improved vendor windows so they show equipped items with a special symbol.

* Improved information displayed in "/age" command.

* Corrected the skill monitor and selection bar so that when they are inactive they no longer interfere with mouse interaction.

* Corrected quest markers on the compass so they update properly after completing a quest.

* Added tags to highlight fellow guild members in outposts.

* Improved several error and warning messages, especially related to guild battle formation.

* Updated icon for Flurry skill.

* Fixed minor update bugs in party formation window.


* Updated Korean and European translations.

* Fixed miscellaneous rare crash bugs.

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